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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Housing For The Elderly

The hunt for a good living situation is especially challenging for senior citizens.   Elders often face many limitations due to poor or failing health, low income, and medical expenses, in a time where the cost of living has skyrocketed.  However, there are resources available for seniors.  Consult a licensed attorney to help you or a loved one find housing that is affordable, safe, within a close radius to medical facilities and food markets, adequately accommodating for physical restrictions and disabilities, and up-to-date on all coding regulations.  Typically, housing will require at least thirty percent of an elderly person’s earnings.  Have a licensed elder law attorney evaluate your needs and help place you or an elderly relative at a suitable residence.  Essential living necessities should not have to be compromised in order to attain an apartment or home.  

Furthermore, elders in need can seek the help of various Rental Assistance Programs, in order to evaluate public housing options or to inquire about the availability of vouchers.  The entities which provide this support are typically local “Public Housing Authorities” (PHAs) and the federal “Department of Housing and Urban Development” (HUD).  Moreover, you may need to meet a particular income threshold in order to qualify for federal government funding, in addition to being a minimum of sixty-two years old.  An attorney can evaluate the “Lower Income” limits, which are set by HUD and made available on a yearly basis, to see if you qualify.

Alternatively, you may be interested in the “Housing Choice Voucher Program,” which involves private units that are made available for rent.  There may be a larger variety of housing options that are available through the voucher program, run by the PHAs.  Owners are paid by PHAs in order to make housing available at low cost.  You, as the resident, will be obligated to pay the balance left after the voucher is applied. 

An attorney will need to assess your income to determine whether you could be found eligible under the voucher program.  Factors used to verify eligibility may include your child support obligations or alimony, certain gifts, monies from insurance or pension plans, and welfare.  A licensed professional can also guide you through the application process and direct you to a nearby PHA and other agencies that can assist you.  

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