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Friday, November 18, 2016

Things We Take for Granted....

Today in 1883 time changed forever at High Noon.

On that day, the concept of time zones was implemented. Because of the need for accurate time measurement between cities, and the fact that with railroads now crossing vast expanses of space fairly quickly, keeping accurate track of time became necessary for the first "time" in history. Up until then, each town measured their own local time usually based on "high Noon", when the sun was at it's peak. From this date in 1883 onward though, everything changed. Something we took for granted up until then now became the new normal!

So what things have you been taking for granted?

Many people assume that they will always be able to do those activities that they have been doing their entire lives- walking, bathing, cooking, eating, managing their own personal affairs without help. They take them for granted until a new normal sets in. What can they do now, while they have their full faculties, to prepare for the new normal?

Many couples take for granted that they will both be there for the other, to be partners in life, to deal with whatever might happen. What steps could they take, now, to face the reality that a new normal could set in at anytime, and force them to go solo? Not only death can happen, but divorce can happen too at any age. What can a couple do now, to face the reality that a change could come at anytime?

What can a young couple with minor children do now, to prepare for the possibility that their minor children could become orphans if something happens to the young couple? Planning is easy to do but not having a plan in place can create lots of problems for not only the minors but their grandparents too.

What can a 50 year old daughter do now to help her parents plan for a time when the parents need more and more assistance? Why wait for crisis to occur before planning?

 The "new normal" can happen at anytime. Having a contingency plan in place to deal with it makes a lot of sense. Not having a plan in place though, well, it makes you look naive, unprepared. It can also be very expensive to not have a plan in place. Call us if you would like to discuss what type of plan you might want to consider.

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