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Monday, July 17, 2017

Answers to Your Estate Planning Questions

Do I need an estate planning attorney to make my will?

Estate planning is a complex subject that many Americans do not fully understand.  While you may be aware that a will is important, you likely have questions about how you can make an effective estate plan.  Our Birmingham estate planning lawyers answer some of your estate planning questions below.  For individualized assistance with your estate plan, contact our office today.  

Do I need a lawyer to make a will?

Do-it-yourself wills have become increasingly common in recent years.  It is important for people to know that yes, you can make a will without an attorney, but that doesn’t mean that you should.  Wills are complex legal documents that will have a significant bearing on the future of your family.  Wills that fail to conform to state law may not be honored.  As such, it is always advisable that you consult with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney to prepare a legal will that fully protects your assets and your family.

How do I make sure my heirs will not have to go through probate?

Probate can be an expensive and lengthy process.  With proper estate planning, you can minimize or entirely eliminate the need for probate.  Certain assets will not need to go through probate, such as your retirement account.  Other assets can be placed in a trust, which will allow them to be distributed to named beneficiaries without probate.  At times, it can be less expensive to allow your will to go through probate than to create a trust.  Your estate planning lawyer will help you to make these crucial decisions.

How do I choose my executor?

Your executor will be responsible for carrying out your last wishes and transferring your assets to named heirs.  An executor has an important job and should be selected with care.  Most people will name a family member to be their executor, but those without an executor that is up to the task can appoint a professional.  Talk to your estate planning attorney about your executor for guidance on making this vital decision.

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