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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Protect Your Adult Child With These Critical Steps

How can I continue to assist my child once he or she turns 18?

No matter how old our children get, we will always be parents.  As such, we will always strive to protect them.  If your child is approaching the age of 18, there are steps you can take to ensure you are in the position to protect your adult child should he or she become seriously ill.   Our Birmingham, Alabama elder law lawyers discuss three vital steps you can take if your child will soon become a legal adult.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Protecting Your Parents From Predatory Housing Schemes

Elder financial abuse is a growing problem. Predatory housing schemes are a common form of financial exploitation against older Americans. One of the best steps you can take in Read more . . .

Monday, July 24, 2017

Qualifying for Medicaid

Here is an excellent article on the process that families have to face when considering a Medicaid application:




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Monday, July 17, 2017

Answers to Your Estate Planning Questions

Do I need an estate planning attorney to make my will?

Estate planning is a complex subject that many Americans do not fully understand.  While you may be aware that a will is important, you likely have questions about how you can make an effective estate plan.  Our Birmingham estate planning lawyers answer some of your estate planning questions below.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What Is Guardianship And How Can It Help My Parent?

All of us hope to age gracefully and live long, healthy lives, but unfortunately not everyone is granted such a happy fate.  Most of us will have family members who lose abilities they used to have as they age, and in some cases that decline will leave our loved ones vulnerable unable to take care of their own affairs.  Guardianships for seniors are tools that can be used to protect a person whose condition has left him or her “incapacitated.
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alabama Elder Law Attorney - What Exactly Is Probate and Why Should I Avoid It?

Probate is a court process by which estates are administered. The process usually involves collecting the deceased person’s (decedent’s) assets, paying off liabilities and taxes and finally distributing what’s left to the beneficiaries of the estate.

The probate process is usually long, expensive, and time-consuming. Beneficiaries go through a process that can last months and accumulate high costs along the way, all of which are payable from the decedent’s estate, leaving beneficiaries with less than they deserve.

Thankfully, an extensive probate process can be avoided, with the help of an experienced Read more . . .

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Elder Abuse Prevention Toolkit!



Here is the toolkit that Alabama's DHR has on their website. Very useful information!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Why You Need an Advance Directive for Healthcare in Alabama

What is an advance directive?

You may have never heard of an advance directive, or you may understand what this estate planning tool is, but feel you do not need one as you are relatively young and healthy.  The truth is that everyone can benefit from having an advance directive for health care in place in case they become incapacitated.  Our Alabama estate planning lawyers define advance directives for you and discuss why you need one now.
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Message to Parents of Minor Children

A Message to Parents of Minor Children


As a parent, there are many things to worry about for your children’s sake, most of which will never come true. You are concerned about the food they eat, the friends they play with, strangers that they might meet, drugs, alcohol, grades, college and who they might marry. As their parent, it is your full-time job to watch over them, to protect them and to point them in the right direction. You intend to be there for them, regardless of what challenges they might face.


But what if you can’t be there? What plans do you have in place to deal with that possibility?


The term “estate planning” is often used to describe a person’s will and how they want their assets to pass at death.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

What Will Happen if I Die Without a Will in Alabama?

Who will receive my assets if I pass away before making a will?

Less than half of all Americans have a will, according to the most recent Gallup polls.  Estate planning is a topic few of us which to broach, but dying without a will can have serious consequences for your family.  The following is an explanation as to what would happen if you died without a will in Alabama.  Contact our Read more . . .

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Avoid Scams Aimed at Senior Citizens

Financial scams aimed at seniors are on the rise. More seniors are getting scammed today than they were in the ‘90s. The vice has grown because seniors are believed to have a lot of money in their accounts and equity in their homes, and are more prone to trusting so-called “experts.”

The sad news is that a lot of this theft goes unreported because many senior victims are too embarrassed to speak out. What is worse, is that a lot of the scamming (over 90 percent) is done by close relatives of these seniors.
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