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Nolan Elder Law and Estate Planning, LLC is a niche practice. While some law firms attempt to meet every conceivable legal need, we have chosen a different approach. Our focus is narrow but deep. We work with seniors every day. We work with families needing estate planning every day. We work with families who have lost loved ones and now they face probate. We work with families who have members with special needs. We work with veterans. We work with Medicaid applicants. We make house-calls on individuals who are shut-ins. That is what we do.

If you have other legal needs, we have many friends who work in divorce, bankruptcy, criminal defense, medical malpractice, nursing-home abuse and personal injury. We can make referrals on your behalf. We have found that the best way to choose an attorney is not by the number of billboards he might purchase. Contact us if you have legal needs in other areas of the law. We are happy to make the referral for you.

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