Probate & Estate Administration

What IS Probate anyway?

Many individuals who have heard of the term “probate” may not be sure what it really means. Probate or estate administration in Alabama is simply a court-managed process in which the assets of a deceased loved-one are managed and distributed. If there is a Will, the assets are distributed in accordance with the Will. If there is NOT a Will, then state law dictates how assets will be distributed.

While this seems straight forward, probate can be quite complicated, particularly when someone dies without a valid will in place. The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC assists clients in Jefferson, Shelby and nearby counties and has extensive experience advising individuals with estate administration. We will offer you superior personal service, helping you through what can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

The Probate Process

The probate process can not only be lengthy and costly, it also depends on the schedule of the probate courts in Alabama, which are currently underfunded and short-staffed. Generally, administering an estate can take a year or more to complete and cost several thousand dollars. If you happen to die without a valid will, the probate process costs much more and takes two or three times as long, and may even require a county administrator to become involved. We also know that dealing with the death of a loved one can be an emotional burden, and we can help you navigate the process and give you peace of mind during this difficult time.

We routinely handle all phases of probate and estate administration, including:

  • Validating the will with the probate court
  • Filing all required notices
  • Inventorying and appraising estate assets
  • Paying outstanding debts and disputing creditor claims
  • Final distribution of the estate assets
  • Closing the estate

What is a will contest?

Through our many years of practice in probate and estate administration, we know that questions often arise concerning the validity of a will or that someone may challenge the selection of the personal representative. If you think that you or your family is not being treated fairly in a probate matter, please call us to discuss. Time is always of the essence here, so don’t delay in learning what your rights might be.

Probate Administration at The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC

The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC routinely works with executors in the probate process. We have extensive experience in the probate courts in Jefferson and Shelby counties, preparing court filings, and we are well-acquainted with the court’s local rules. Because administering an estate can be a long and costly process, we often advise clients to put a well-designed revocable living trust in place in order to avoid probate proceedings down the road. If you have questions about estate planning or have been named the personal representative of a loved one’s estate, call our Birmingham office today at (205) 390-0101 for a free evaluation.



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