Nursing Home Abuse / Elder Abuse

If you or a loved one has been hurt because of poor care while a patient in a nursing-home, please call us. No one should have to suffer poor care while a patient anywhere, much less while a patient in a nursing-home!

Let’s face it- accidents happen, and even with the best supervision and staffing, patients can find a way to injure themselves. The reality in many nursing-homes though is that there isn’t proper staffing. Understaffed facilities and under-trained employees cannot possibly deliver the level of care people expect.

Injuries can be complicated by the senior’s inability to communicate effectively. Too, many seniors are in a bed, covered with a blanket, and visitors never see their injuries. Some seniors are embarrassed while others are too intimidated to talk about their injury. Occasionally we see situations where the facility has actively covered up an injury!

The point is this: Facilities generally will not change their policies until it costs them dearly. Families who bring actions against these facilities are doing a public service. They are protecting other families from harm. If you or a loved one has suffered neglect or other damage as a result of being in a nursing-home, please call us for assistance.

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