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Powers of Attorney: Elder Law Trussville AL

The Different Types of Powers of Attorney in Elder Law

Be sure to consult with your elder law professional to learn more about the different types of powers of attorney.

Elder Law Trussville, AL: Aging at Home

Five Questions to Ask a Lawyer About Aging at Home

Your mom wants to age at home, and it seems like a reasonable choice at this point. What steps should she be taking to protect herself if something happens in the future?

Holiday Visits Are a Good Time to Address Senior Care Plans

If your parents haven’t taken legal steps to protect their wishes, they risk disappointment and even legal hurdles in different situations. 

Six Reasons Why Your Parents Need an Elder Law Attorney

Why would your parents want to hire the services of an expert in elder law? There are several reasons, but here are six of the leading ones. 

How Does the Probate Process Work?

Probate is the process in which a will is proven valid and an estate is distributed accordingly.