Nursing-Home Abuse

When we finally have to make the difficult decision to move our loved one to a nursing-home, we trust that the home will take care of them the same way we would have at home.

Too often though, this is not the case!

Almost everyone has heard a story about nursing home abuse. Poorly trained employees, unsupervised staff, nursing-home residents who cannot talk or who are fearful of complaining are just some of the reasons. And while nursing homes used to be run by churches or other local nonprofit organizations, multi-national corporations are now buying up every available nursing home they can find, to squeeze the last penny of profit out for their shareholders. Compassion has been replaced with return on investment and the residents are the ones who suffer as a result.

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing-home (or assisted living, memory care or even an independent living community or facility), call us for a free consultation. We don’t do everything here. We don’t handle medical malpractice or big truck wrecks. We work with seniors and unfortunately, seniors are the ones who are injured from nursing-home abuse.

Remember too that nursing home abuse often appears as neglect rather than intentional abuse. 20% of hospital admissions from nursing homes are the result of neglect! Bed sores, for example, are not a normal outcome of being bed-bound, regardless of what someone might tell you.

Give us a call. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time!

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