Author: William G. Nolan

Probate Law in Mountain Brook

Probate Law and What It Actually Means

Probate Law can be complex, and things can be challenging for a family when there is no Will set up.

Asset Protection in Homewood AL

Learning About Asset Protection

Asset protection is a set of strategies lawyers use to plan and shield personal assets or business assets.

Estate Planning in Pell City AL

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning for Seniors

Estate planning can be challenging, and not all seniors know where to begin.

Medicaid Planning in Mountain Brook AL

Understanding Medicaid Planning

You will want to find someone specializing in Medicaid planning because they will have the best chance for your mom or dad to get on Medicaid.

Wills in Homewood AL

Do You Have To Use a Lawyer to Write a Will?

When a lawyer writes a will, it is more likely to be followed without any wording mistakes or loopholes.

VA Benefits in Homewood AL

Does Your Father Need Elder Care?

Sometimes, the biggest worry about VA benefits is what you can get with them, or how finances will work out.

Elder Law in Mountain Brook AL

How the Grinch (Medicaid) Stole Christmas (and Hanukkah and birthdays and weddings and everything else!)

Medicaid penalizes all gifts, whether large or small, and regardless of purpose.

Elder Law in Vestavia AL

Computer Security Day: All Aspects of Elder Abuse

On Computer Security Day (November 30th), keep your parents safe by teaching your parents about online security.

Estate Planning in Mountain Brook AL

Holiday To Do List

Andy Williams was right! It is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also something else- it is the most dangerous time of the year for many of us!

Elder Abuse in Birmingham AL

Go Commando During the Holidays!

You will most likely be spending a great deal of time over the next couple of months with older relatives, some who you have not seen since this time last year.