Author: William G. Nolan

What Are the Components in a Comprehensive Care Plan?

Your mom and dad are getting older. They could be the pictures of health, but you still need to talk to them about the importance of having a comprehensive care plan in mind.

What Is the Best Age to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney?

When should your parents seek the advice of an elder law attorney? Should they do it by a certain age? Is it better to wait until they’re diagnosed with a chronic health condition?

The Perils of the 50-year-old Daughter

Many 50-year-old daughters are called upon to become caregivers for their parents.

How to Help an aging Loved One

We are an elder-law practice and work extensively with seniors and their families to structure plans that will protect and preserve assets while allowing the senior’s family to stay in control of all financial decisions

It’s a Good Time for Sandwich Generation Caregivers to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney

When is the best time to make plans for end-of-life health decisions, wills, estate planning, etc.?

Go Commando during the Holidays!

People who are “situationally aware” don’t get ambushed nearly as often as those people who aren’t paying attention, at least so the theory goes.

How the Grinch (Medicaid) Stole Christmas (and Hanukkah and birthdays and weddings and everything else!)

One of a parent’s (or grandparent’s) greatest sources of pleasure is to make a gift to a child or grandchild.

Holiday Visits Are a Good Time to Address Senior Care Plans

If your parents haven’t taken legal steps to protect their wishes, they risk disappointment and even legal hurdles in different situations. 

Caring for Elderly Loved Ones: 5 Reasons to Hire a Geriatric Case Manager

A geriatric case manager (GCM) is a social worker or licensed nurse specially trained in various fields of human services. GCMs have the experience to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor, and provide services for elderly clients and their family or caregivers. A GCM develops a plan of care based on identified needs, by performing an assessment…
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A Holiday To-Do List

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, more people die than in any other similar period during the rest of the year. A combination of factors are thought to be the reason: