Author: William G. Nolan

Elder Law in Trussville AL

Why Elder Law is Crucial for the Elderly Population

Elder Law is an attorney who specializes in helping seniors navigate the process of establishing care, a will, a trust fund, or anything else that may come up on life’s journey.

Medicaid Planning

Mistakes That Happen When Thinking About Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning is not an easy task to do alone. It is a super complex issue that can be hard for most seniors to understand.

Asset Protection in Vestavia AL

Why is Asset Protection Important for Seniors?

The best way to ensure everything you want stays in your possession is through asset protection.

April Adventures

April Adventures

Check out what we’ve been up to in the month of April!

Wills in Vastavia AL

Understanding What Goes Into a Senior’s Will

It is important to find the right lawyer who works within elder care and who knows about what kind of wills there are and what works best for your senior loved one.

2023 Wills and Estate Planning Study

2023 Wills and Estate Planning Study

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation circulating about the entire estate-planning process. Let us help you understand your options. There is no cost to meet with us.

Elder Law in Birmingham AL

VA Benefits for Seniors with PTSD

If your loved one is new to VA benefits it is important to sit down with someone who knows the laws and how your loved one can apply.

Power of Attorney in Homewood AL

Why Having a Power of Attorney is Important for Seniors

Life throws tons of unknown curveballs your way but by having someone as your power of attorney you can rest assured that you will be prepared for most issues that arise.

Elder Law in Hoover AL

Why is Elder Law so Important?

Elder law focuses on the unique challenges that seniors face and helps them navigate those hurdles in life.

Probate Law in Mountain Brook

Probate Law and What It Actually Means

Probate Law can be complex, and things can be challenging for a family when there is no Will set up.