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How the Grinch (Medicaid) Stole Christmas (and Hanukkah and birthdays and weddings and everything else!)

Medicaid penalizes all gifts, whether large or small, and regardless of purpose.

Go Commando during the Holidays!

You will most likely be spending a great deal of time over the next couple of months with older relatives, some who you have not seen since this time last year.

A Holiday To-Do List

Andy Williams was right! It is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also something else- it is the most dangerous time of the year for many of us!

A Message for Parents of Minor Children

As a parent, there are many things to worry about for your children’s sake, most of which will never come true.

Safe Deposit Boxes- Good or Bad?

Clients ask us all the time, “Where should I keep my estate-planning documents?” Some clients have safe deposit boxes and their thinking is that this is the appropriate place to store their original documents.

The Toughest People to Help with Estate Planning

As estate-planners, we work with a wide range of people, from young couples to much older widows and widowers.

Having a Plan in Place

Simple estate-planning is less expensive than not having plans in place, and yet people don’t seem to understand that fact.

Series on Medicaid

The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC has been leading a series of workshop/webinar/zoom presentations on the subject of Medicaid. The series so far includes 3 sessions: When is the Right Time to Apply for Medicaid? More About the Application Process How to Protect the Family Home from having to be Sold The audience includes…
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Let’s say you are married and your husband’s health has declined to the point where he needs skilled care in a skilled care facility, a/k/a, a nursing home.

The Challenges Facing the 50 year-old Son or Daughter

Many people, around age 50, are suddenly thrust into the role of caring for their parents. Many have never thought about the issues facing seniors but now they must find the time to find the answers.