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Let’s say you are married and your husband’s health has declined to the point where he needs skilled care in a skilled care facility, a/k/a, a nursing home.

The Challenges Facing the 50 year-old Son or Daughter

Many people, around age 50, are suddenly thrust into the role of caring for their parents. Many have never thought about the issues facing seniors but now they must find the time to find the answers.


No one likes to give up the privilege of driving. It is one of our first rites of passage into adulthood and it is an expression of our freedom to go wherever we choose.

Divorce on the Beach Event

William G. Nolan and Jennifer S. Taylor will both be presenters at “Divorce on the Beach”, Alabama’s longest-running continuing education event for Alabama attorneys.

Announcing Our New Company Name

Nolan Elder Law, LLC has changed its name to “The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC”!

Prenups and Nursing Home Expenses

Prenups and Nursing Home Expenses

Many people have a vague idea what a prenuptial agreement (or prenup) is and what it is designed to accomplish. While they can be necessary for younger first marriages, they are often indispensable for 2nd marriages.

The Perils of the 50-year-old Daughter

Many 50-year-old daughters are called upon to become caregivers for their parents.

How to Help an aging Loved One

We are an elder-law practice and work extensively with seniors and their families to structure plans that will protect and preserve assets while allowing the senior’s family to stay in control of all financial decisions

Go Commando during the Holidays!

People who are “situationally aware” don’t get ambushed nearly as often as those people who aren’t paying attention, at least so the theory goes.

How the Grinch (Medicaid) Stole Christmas (and Hanukkah and birthdays and weddings and everything else!)

One of a parent’s (or grandparent’s) greatest sources of pleasure is to make a gift to a child or grandchild.