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Power of Attorney: Elder Law Homewood AL

5 Elder Law Tips About a Power of Attorney

Elder Law can help your senior loved one name a Power of Attorney, or someone who can speak and make decisions on their behalf if they are unable to.

Senior Asset Protection: Elder Law Homewood AL

Elder Law Tips for Asset Protection

March is Asset Management Awareness Month, founded by the National Property Management Association. While the organization is focused on property management, asset management is important whether you have investment properties or not. Elder law can help. Your dad still lives in the family home. He might have a summer home near a lake or a cabin…
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Do You Know the Signs of Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse ranges from abandonment or neglect to emotional or physical abuse.

A Message for Parents of Minor Children

As a parent, there are many things to worry about for your children’s sake, most of which will never come true.

Have You Considered Your Pet(s) in your Estate Planning?

Many people know they need to have “their affairs in order” before they die, and some people actually even get around to putting those affairs in order!

Three Questions to Ask an Elder Law Attorney After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, what are the first steps your family should take?