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What Are the Components in a Comprehensive Care Plan?

Your mom and dad are getting older. They could be the pictures of health, but you still need to talk to them about the importance of having a comprehensive care plan in mind.

How the Grinch (Medicaid) Stole Christmas (and Hanukkah and birthdays and weddings and everything else!)

Tis the season for gift-giving! One of a parent’s (or grandparent’s) greatest sources of pleasure is to make a gift to a child or grandchild. Whether the gifts are holiday gifts or wedding or birthday gifts, “helping out” is something seniors take great pride in. Even if their world is growing smaller due to health…
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So, you think you (or your parent) have a good Power of Attorney?

Not so fast! You probably already know what a Power of Attorney is designed to accomplish. It will allow a named person, called the Agent, to conduct financial transactions for someone else, called the Principal. This includes buying and selling cars, real property and investment assets. It also includes the ability to open safe deposit…
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MediCAID Planning: What is it?

There comes a time in many middle-aged couple’s lives when one or both of them are faced with “making plans” for their elderly parents. If this hasn’t happened to you yet and your parents are still alive, keep reading! If you have friends who have elderly parents, please read and share this with them! If…
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What Makes Elder Law Attorneys Different?

If you based your assumptions about lawyers from what you see on TV, you might assume that all lawyers are wealthy, drive expensive cars, wear expensive suits, work in high-rise offices and spend a great deal of time carrying a brief case in one hand while talking on a cellphone with the other hand. You…
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