Like it or not, some marriages seem to unravel once the partners reach middle-age (or later). Sometimes it takes years to realize that you are no longer compatible. The issues that younger couples face, chiefly raising and paying for children, are not the issues these older couples have to deal with. Instead, they must resolve asset divisions like the real estate and retirement accounts. It can be a daunting task!

The sad reality is that divorce is declining in almost every age group in America, with the exception of those over 60! Many couples are coming to grips with the fact that, once the kids are out of the house, the spouses have very little in common with each other. One or both face the tough decision of either riding out the rest of their lives with someone they don’t share values and interests with or cutting their losses and moving on with their life as a single person.

We aren’t recommending divorce but we are here to help you if you are considering it.

In addition to asset division, there are other issues to consider whenever an older couple are divorcing. Social Security benefits is one, Veteran’s benefits is another and even though neither are currently receiving them, Medicaid benefits is an important issue to discuss. You would not want to make a mistake now that would negatively impact your ability to qualify for Medicaid down the road!

The bottom line is simple: If you are over age 60, the process of divorce is different for you and your spouse. Consider using a law firm that is experienced in working with seniors. It doesn’t cost any more but might save you money in the long run!

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