Medicaid Applications

Face it- understanding the rules and exceptions for qualifying for nursing-home benefits under the Medicaid program is not easy. Many people are denied these benefits each year, not because they don’t need the benefit but because they make mistakes on their application! You don’t need to be one of these people!

Our firm has been instrumental in helping many clients qualify for Medicaid benefits!

We will consult with you, complete your Medicaid application and see it through to completion. We will handle the inevitable “requests for information” that Medicaid issues to applicants. We will “go to bat” for you and your family if Medicaid denies your application.

There are many exceptions to having to spend-down a person’s assets to only $2,000. Even if you, as a couple, have $250,000 between you, NOW is the time to learn more about applying for Medicaid, not when you are dead-broke.

There are steps you can take now that will greatly improve your chances of being approved for Medicaid benefits down the road. Many people make financial mistakes that cannot be fixed, resulting in either a Medicaid penalty or a downright denial. Understanding what can and cannot be done can save you thousands of dollars in the future.
Generally no. Medicaid will, however, place a lien on the home so that, after you are both deceased, Medicaid will be repaid for all they spent on your loved one before your loved ones get the home or the proceeds from its sale. The home can be protected from such a drastic outcome, but you must plan well in advance of need in order to assure that it is protected. Call us for more information.

Remember two things:

  1. While the nursing home might help you with your application, their interests in this are quite different from your family’s interest. Who do you think they are watching out for? We only work for you, the client!
  2. Every month your application sits in limbo costs you $5,000-$6,000! If we can get your application filed and approved even one month sooner that you could, what is that worth to you?

For more information on applying for Medicaid through our firm, call or email our office, day or night. We serve clients throughout Birmingham and Jefferson County.



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