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Elder Law: Estate Planning Vestavia AL

The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning is a legal measure that ensures your assets end up where you want them. It divides any property, money, or other assets in ways that ensure the heirs you wish to get your assets are given what you want them to have. With an estate plan, there is no risk of the brother…
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Elder Law Homewood, AL: Estate Planning

The Key Components of Estate Planning

Have you ever considered estate planning measures? No matter how much wealth you have, there are several areas that you need to consider as you get older.

The Toughest People to Help with Estate Planning

As estate-planners, we work with a wide range of people, from young couples to much older widows and widowers.

Five Things to Understand About Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential, it’s never too early for your dad to talk to an elder law attorney.

When Is the Best Time to Discuss Estate Planning After a Dementia Diagnosis?

Your dad’s doctor confirmed he has dementia. None of you wanted to hear this, especially your dad, but now is the time to make plans for his future.