Many of us take for granted that our home will always be where we live.

For our elderly population though, there often comes a time when they can no longer live independently, and decisions have to be made about where to live where help is available.

“Aging in Place” is the term given to the idea that the vast majority of seniors prefer to live in their own home, regardless of their capacity to do so. Rather than making them move to a more suitable place (such as an assisted-living community or a skilled care facility), Aging in Place adapts the home they now live in to suit their needs.

In addition to modifications of the home (ramps, lifts, etc) many other changes may be needed. Think of every elderly person as having three major areas of concern: 1) their safety and health, 2) their Financial needs and 3) their Legal needs.

Aging in Place should ideally focus on all three! As a person ages, their physical and mental capacity can decline. There might come a day when they can no longer make changes to their financial and legal plans, and if that day should come, the family’s ability to assist them can be greatly diminished. When considering Aging in Place, don’t neglect the financial and legal components of planning because you might not get a second chance to make important changes.

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