How to Save the Family Farm

A young woman came to us with a problem. Her grandmother lived on a farm in south Alabama that had been in her family for generations. Rumor had it that Stonewall Jackson had fought a battle on her property in the olden days.

Her grandmother still lived there but her grandmother had been diagnosed with dementia. Granddaughter knew enough to know that the family farm may be at risk, if and when grandmother entered the nursing-home!

She came to us with a simple question: Is there any way we can save the family farm from having to be sold to pay for nursing-home care?

She was the wise one. Most people wait too long to ask this simple yet important question. How can we preserve family assets?

People are facing these challenges every single day and they don’t know enough to know who to call for answers. If it were you facing the loss of the family farm, or the homestead or the lake-house, would you want someone to tell you who to call for peace of mind?

Elder Law attorneys advise families on preserving assets, finding benefits (like VA and Medicaid), putting estate plans in order, conservatorships and guardianships and probate of estates after someone has died. It doesn’t cost anything to make an appointment! Losing your home because you didn’t plan, well, that is expensive.

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