Five Steps to Take if You Suspect Your Mom is Being Physically Abused

Elder Law Pelham, AL: Elder Abuse
Elder Law Pelham, AL: Elder Abuse
Elder Law Pelham, AL: Elder Abuse

No one wants to think about their parent being abused in an assisted living community, caregiver’s home, VA hospital, or nursing home. Even the most careful research and planning isn’t a guarantee that abuse or improper care will never happen. It’s estimated that about 10 percent of older adults experience elder abuse.

Physical forms of elder abuse can include slapping, kicking, hitting, pushing, punching, or restraining. It can include locking an older adult in a room or tying them to a chair. If you suspect your mom is the victim of elder abuse, take these five steps immediately.

Get Her Out of There

Remove your mom from the home, nursing home, hospital, or assisted living community. You may need to bring her to your house or find a friend or family member with room to house her temporarily. You do not want to force her to remain in a situation where the abuse may continue.

If you need emergency housing for her, talk to authorities in the town or city where she resides. They will be able to help you.

File an Official Report

When you talk to the police, ask them if they can take the report. They should be able to. You may be directed to also file a complaint with the long-term care ombudsman in your state.

Take Your Mom to the Hospital

She may resist but push her into seeing a medical professional. She needs to have her injuries looked at. It also documents the injuries in case there’s an elder abuse hearing. You can be there with her for support. Make sure she knows you’re not leaving her side. If she goes to the hospital for treatment, they’ll file a report against the facility where she was abused.

Seek Counseling

Your mom may think she’s to blame. She may think it was something she did or said that triggered her abuser to react. Do not let her feel that way. She needs therapy individually and possibly with a group if she’s comfortable enough.

Call a Lawyer

Do not hesitate. Call an elder care law expert and discuss your family’s options. If your mom will recover, she should take action against the nursing home or community where the abuse happened. She needs to make sure the person who physically abused her is charged with elder abuse. The facility should take steps to ensure nothing like that ever happens again.

If your mom could not recover from her injuries or will be permanently disabled because of them, your family should fight for justice for her. Reach out to an elder law attorney immediately.

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