What Are VA Benefits and Why Would You Need a Lawyer?

VA Benefits Mountain Brook, AL: VA Benefits and Seniors

Your dad served in the military, and that means he might qualify for VA benefits that help pay for some of his long-term care. It may not cover the cost of all of it, but even partial coverage can help his money go farther. 

What exactly are VA benefits when it comes to long-term care? Why would you want to talk to an elder law specialist about them? Here’s what you need to know about the benefits your dad may qualify for as a veteran.

Aid and Attendance

One of the options for helping with long-term care expenses are Aid and Attendance benefits. These benefits help pay for the care your dad needs from caregivers. Aid and Attendance is also available to his qualifying spouse, if your dad is married and has a spouse in need of home care services.

To qualify for Aid and Attendance, your dad or his qualifying spouse must meet at least one of these:

  • Have eyesight of 5/200 or less in both eyes, even with glasses or contacts
  • Need help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and ambulation
  • Require care in a nursing home or skilled nursing care community
  • Stay in bed almost all of the day due to health or disability

To get Aid and Attendance benefits, your dad has to fill out the application and provide forms from his doctor proving he meets the requirements. He also needs to include letters stating what he does each day, what he cannot do on his own, and how often he has caregivers helping out.

Veteran’s Pension

Your dad may qualify for a pension through the VA if he meets the requirements. First, he has to have served at least one day of wartime duty and 90 days of active duty prior to September 8, 1980. Second, he cannot have been dishonorably discharged. Finally, he has to meet the financial requirements, which (until December 1, 2022) is a net worth of $138,489 or less.

There is a three-year look-back period for the VA’s Veteran Pension. This is important as it can make it hard to qualify if your dad gave someone a cash gift, as it can look like he quickly lowered his net worth to qualify faster.

Why would you want to hire an elder law specialist? Applying for VA benefits is a complex process, and it doesn’t always lead to quick answers. You could find yourself stuck in a pattern of being referred from one agent to another and having to find answers to the agents’ questions. 

Attorneys who specialize in elder law and VA benefits know what is needed when your dad applies. He’s more likely to get approved faster and without initial denials. Call an elder law agency to get started.

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