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Power of Attorney: Elder Law Mountain Brook AL

5 Stories You’ve Heard About Power of Attorney That Aren’t True

No matter what stage of life your senior loved one is in, they can get a Power of Attorney. Here are a few stories you may have heard that aren’t true.

Elder Law Birmingham, AL: Areas of Elder Law

Seven Areas of Elder Law That You Need to Talk About

Your mom is getting older, and you wonder if she’s taken every possible step to protect herself and her estate.

Elder Law Hoover, AL: VA Benefits and Seniors

Explore the VA Benefits Available for Your Mom

Whether your mom served or her spouse did, she may qualify for VA benefits that help with things like health care services and long-term care.

Elder Law Homewood, AL: Estate Planning

The Key Components of Estate Planning

Have you ever considered estate planning measures? No matter how much wealth you have, there are several areas that you need to consider as you get older.

Elder Law Vestavia, AL: Updating Wills

Should People Update Their Wills After a Health Emergency?

Health emergencies can create situations that make it important to update a will.

Asset protection Mountain Brook, AL: Protecting Assets

Does Your Dad Need to Protect His Assets?

Asset protection is important regardless of your dad’s lack of wealth as it involves protecting your wealth from seizure.

VA Benefits Mountain Brook, AL: VA Benefits and Seniors

What Are VA Benefits and Why Would You Need a Lawyer?

Your dad served in the military, and that means he might qualify for VA benefits that help pay for some of his long-term care.

Elder Law Birmingham, Al: American Heart Month

Financial Planning Month: Questions to Ask an Elder Law Expert

The AARP reports that 19% of adults 72 or older do not have a living trust or will, while 42% of adults 53 to 71 have one.

Elder Law Mountain Brook, AL: Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Planning Month: Talk to Your Dad About His Will

About seven out of ten adults will need long-term care services at some point in their lives.

Elder Law Centerpoint, AL: Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney Is a Must After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

World Alzheimer’s Month is a time to take a closer look at the disease, advocate awareness, and raise much-needed funds to find a cure.