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What Are the Components in a Comprehensive Care Plan?

Your mom and dad are getting older. They could be the pictures of health, but you still need to talk to them about the importance of having a comprehensive care plan in mind.

What Is the Best Age to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney?

When should your parents seek the advice of an elder law attorney? Should they do it by a certain age? Is it better to wait until they’re diagnosed with a chronic health condition?

It’s a Good Time for Sandwich Generation Caregivers to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney

When is the best time to make plans for end-of-life health decisions, wills, estate planning, etc.?

Holiday Visits Are a Good Time to Address Senior Care Plans

If your parents haven’t taken legal steps to protect their wishes, they risk disappointment and even legal hurdles in different situations. 

Six Reasons Why Your Parents Need an Elder Law Attorney

Why would your parents want to hire the services of an expert in elder law? There are several reasons, but here are six of the leading ones. 

Why Is a Power of Attorney So Important?

A power of attorney is a legal document that names an “agent” to make medical or financial decisions.

When Is the Best Time to Discuss Estate Planning After a Dementia Diagnosis?

Your dad’s doctor confirmed he has dementia. None of you wanted to hear this, especially your dad, but now is the time to make plans for his future.

Five Things to Know About Medicare and Medicaid

Most people pay into Medicaid and Medicare with each paycheck they earn. Both are government programs, but there are differences with each.

When Should Your Family Talk to an Elder Law Attorney?

When is the right time to talk to an elder law attorney? It’s understandable for families to put it off due to finances, but waiting can be a risky move.

What is Incapacity Planning and Why Is It Important?

Incapacity planning addresses how decisions get made if an accident, injury, or medical issue makes it impossible to act on one’s own.