It’s a Good Time for Sandwich Generation Caregivers to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney

Elder Law Birmingham, AL: Family Caregivers
Elder Law Birmingham, AL: Family Caregivers

When is the best time to make plans for end-of-life health decisions, wills, estate planning, etc.? Isn’t that something for older people after retirement? The truth is, you need to plan all of this as soon as you can. If you’re part of the sandwich generation of caregivers, it’s crucial. 
An elder law attorney can help you plan for the future. Sandwich generation caregivers especially need to make plans. Caring for your parents can be hard on you emotionally, but it’s also tough on your finances. It helps to have an expert discuss the best ways to protect yourself now and in the future. These are the things you have to consider. 
Can the Hospital Come After You for Your Parents’ Unpaid Medical Debt? 
Not every state allows hospitals, assisted living, and nursing homes to come after children if their parents become impoverished and cannot afford their medical bills. Filial responsibility statutes are found in more than two dozen states. 
It would be best if you went over these rules with an elder law attorney. You or your parents may not currently live in a state with filial responsibility statutes, but what if they move to a state that does? What if you move to a state where those regulations exist? You should discuss these situations and work with an attorney to find ways to protect your assets as best as you can. 
What Chronic Health Conditions Do Your Parents Have? 
Does either your mom or dad have dementia? If you’re the only family caregiver, you need to talk to a lawyer about the situation. If something happens to you, what happens with your parent’s care? Would your mom or dad be alone with no one to help out? 
For families with no siblings or family members to help out, legal protections need to be in place to ensure the same quality of care as you were providing. A long-term care plan is essential. 
There’s another reason to talk about your parents’ health. If they have a chronic health condition, some conditions run in families. You could end up with the same health issues. By creating a living will or advance directive now, you’re protecting yourself down the road. 
Schedule a consultation with an attorney who specializes in estate planning and long-term care needs. An expert in elder law will go over the best ways to plan for the future in a way that eases stress and uncertainty. Call to learn more about the first steps to take. 

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