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Elder Law Birmingham, Al: American Heart Month

American Heart Month: Make Sure Your Dad’s Affairs Are In Order

American Heart Month takes place each February to raise awareness of the severity of heart disease in the U.S.

Elder Law Birmingham, AL: Areas of Elder Law

Seven Areas of Elder Law That You Need to Talk About

Your mom is getting older, and you wonder if she’s taken every possible step to protect herself and her estate.

Elder Law Birmingham, AL: Advance Directives

Questions Families Should Ask About Advance Directives

Not everyone has to be in critical condition to need someone else to make important medical decisions for them.

Five Things to Understand About Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential, it’s never too early for your dad to talk to an elder law attorney.

Prenups and Nursing Home Expenses

Prenups and Nursing Home Expenses

Many people have a vague idea what a prenuptial agreement (or prenup) is and what it is designed to accomplish. While they can be necessary for younger first marriages, they are often indispensable for 2nd marriages.

It’s a Good Time for Sandwich Generation Caregivers to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney

When is the best time to make plans for end-of-life health decisions, wills, estate planning, etc.?

Make Sure Your Mom’s Care Plan Addresses Advance Directives

Any care plan should take a close look at advance directives.