Does Your Father Need Elder Care?

VA Benefits in Homewood AL

One of the hardest things to admit when you get older is that you may need more help around the house. Your elderly dad may have been living on his own for several years, and you may be noticing he needs more help. But how do you approach this subject? Maybe he is a proud veteran, a proud dad, and he wants you to respect him still and doesn’t want to admit he needs more help. That can be so hard to talk about, but there is a respectful way to approach this subject, and your elderly dad may see your reasoning with these helpful tips.

Be Honest With Your Senior Father

One of the most respectful things you can do is be honest. Don’t sugar coat the truth, but point out why you think they may need more help, and then listen to what your dad has to say. If they are worried about losing independence, assure them that by finding the right help, they will receive high-quality care promoting independence and dignity. Many seniors fear the loss of respect, dignity, and independence, but with the right person in their home, none of those things will be lost; they will be regained. Finding the right fit and seeking help when needed is crucial.

Look at Their Finances and Benefits

Sometimes, the biggest worry is about VA benefits, what you can get with them, or how finances will work out. If your loved one has money stashed away and is scared of what will happen if they spend it, it’s best to sit down with a legal advisor who has been managing your father’s money. You may also want to talk to a legal advisor about how VA benefits can help your loved one age in place for longer. If you don’t know the ins and outs of VA benefits, that is okay; you just need to find the right person to talk to before making your next move. Talking to a legal advisor may put some fears to rest. This means they are more likely to hire help when they know exactly the steps and what the VA covers or know they will be able to pass down money to the next generation. Talk to your parents today and find the right professional for guided support.

Understand Their Side of Things

You may mention why you think your dad needs more help, but getting their side of things is important. Do they feel they need help in other areas? Do they feel they need more VA benefits to age in place? Understand what they think they need and then find a happy medium. Maybe your loved one can manage on their own, but needs help with transportation, it may not require extra help but may require time on your end or finding rides for your loved one.

Listen To Your Dad Openly

Your dad wants to be heard and wants his words to be respected. Listen openly, without judgment, and come to a solution together. If you need more help or your dad has questions about benefits, that is when it’s time to get a professional involved. You can listen, but you may not be able to answer all your dad’s questions.

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