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Do You Have To Use a Lawyer to Write a Will?

When a lawyer writes a will, it is more likely to be followed without any wording mistakes or loopholes.

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The Importance of Having a Will

A will can help streamline the probate process, minimize potential conflicts among heirs, and provide peace of mind by ensuring that one’s loved ones are provided for as they desire.

Estate Planning

When In-laws are Outlaws!

Here are some recommendations on how to plan to leave your estate to exactly who you want to.

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What Services Do Elder Law Firms Offer?

Elder law offers a variety of services that will keep your senior loved ones assets safe and protected. Consult with one today.

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5 Famous Situations Proving the Value of a Will

When you don’t have will in place, courts determine who gets your assets. Talk with an elder law professional to be sure your will is valid and binding.

How Can a Will Save My Family A Lot of Money?

When a person dies without a Will, state law requires that an Administrator be appointed to handle the process of probating the estate, passing assets to the next of kin, paying off creditors, filing tax returns and so on.