Understanding What Goes Into a Senior’s Will

Wills in Vastavia AL

Did you know that there are multiple kinds of wills for seniors? In fact, there are seven kinds of wills to think about as a senior. This is why it can be so important to find the right lawyer who works within elder care and who knows about what kind of wills there are and what works best for your senior loved one. Before a senior enters their final stage in life they should have their affairs in order and they should already have a will set up. Here are the seven types of wills for a senior to consider and the things that go into each type of senior will.

Simple Wills

If your loved one just needs a basic last will and testament, it’s called a simple will. It will be easy to put together, straightforward, and easy for the family to understand. This will state who gets what from you after you pass on. To set one up you will need to state that it is your will and have at least two to three witnesses. Although this is called a simple will you will want to work with a lawyer who knows how to write it up and will help ensure you don’t miss anything.

Living Wills

Some people will know they are developing serious medical problems and they already know what type of treatment they do and don’t want. If this is something you or your loved one is dealing with they may need a living will. This type of will allows your senior loved one to choose what types of treatments they do and don’t want. A lot of the important medical decisions are already made and will be followed if a senior can no longer make their own decisions or if something happens and they are no longer able to communicate. This means no matter what age you are or what happens you are still in control of your own healthcare. This type of will needs to be done with a good lawyer.

Holographic Wills

Many people don’t know what a holographic will is or that it’s an option for people. Although the name makes these types of wills seem fancy and complicated, it’s anything but. This is a type of will that is usually handwritten and signed without a witness. Unfortunately, not every jurisdiction will accept handwritten wills and it can complicate things. This may also mean some important details of the will are left out and can cause issues amongst the living family members.

Nuncupative Wills

Again, the word for this type of will makes it sound much more complex than it really is. This is an oral or spoken will. Each state will have its own laws regarding these types of wills and this should only be done if someone is on their deathbed. Always ensure a lawyer is present to make sure a senior is following state laws.

Joint Wills

This is usually a will that is created by two people or one couple. It will help protect their spouses in case anything happens to the other person. It is one single document that two people will sign with witnesses. This is again something that should be done with the right lawyer.

Mirror Wills

A mirror will is similar to a joint will that involves two people. However, instead of signing one document a couple will have duplicates of the document and they will each sign their own copy. That is why it is called a mirror will.

Testamentary Wills

This type of will usually has to do with senior assets. This will absolutely need to be done with a lawyer especially if there are bigger assets or estates at stake. The difference between this type of will and other types of wills is that nothing will be done or happen until after the senior dies.

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