Use These Tips to Find the Right Elder Law Attorney

Your parents want to get a will in place. Maybe they want to name you as their medical and/or financial power of attorney before something happens. No matter what they want to get done to protect their wishes and assets, they need to find the best attorney for their goals as they age. 
Not every elder law attorney is going to be the right attorney for your family’s needs. Different attorneys have different specialties. To find the best lawyer for estate planning or elder care plans, there are some tips that can help you. 
Recommendations Aren’t the Only Way to Go 
Recommendations from family friends or co-workers can get you started. Make sure you do your research once you have some names. Look at the law firm’s website and read more about their services. This gets you started, but it’s not the only way to find the best attorney because situations and expertise Differ 
Your parents may have dozens of children and grandchildren. The attorney your friend or co-worker used hasn’t handled a will where there are dozens of beneficiaries or complex estates and assets. You’d want an attorney with that expertise. 
Have you considered what happens if your parents need care years from now and run out of assets? Would they have to sell their home to afford assisted living or memory care? It’s something families don’t often think of until it’s urgent. You’d want an attorney with expertise in protecting assets before applying for Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance benefits. 
Do Your Research 
Make sure you research the attorneys on your list. Read online reviews and news articles. Shorten your list to a top three. 
Draft an email that clearly states your parent’s needs. If they want a simple will drawn up, state that. If they need to establish trusts, powers of attorney documents, wills, and advance directives, be clear about their wishes. 
Search online for elder law attorneys in your parents’ area. Send the email to different attorneys and ask about their experience. If you feel the attorney is a good match, schedule a free consultation. 
Get a Feel for Personality Conflicts 
If you find an attorney cold or uncaring, it may make it hard to work with that legal professional. Don’t be afraid to go to a consultation with the attorney and see if the attorney has the approach and personality you need. If not, there may be another attorney in that firm that’s a better fit. You may need to move to the next elder law attorney on your list. 
Look for Associations Specific to Elder Law 
Ideally, you want the elder law attorney your family chooses to be a member of an elder law association. Don’t be afraid to ask for associations and qualifications when you call to make an appointment. 

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