Author: William G. Nolan

Advance Directives: What Are They and What Should They Include?

What is an advance directive? It’s a legal form that dictates your wishes when it comes to medical treatments.

A Message for Parents of Minor Children

As a parent, there are many things to worry about for your children’s sake, most of which will never come true.

Building your Own “Dream Team”!

Whenever a person or a couple are considering their estate-planning, they need to consider building their own dream team here as well.

Differences Between Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts

If you want to protect your parents’ emotional, financial, and physical well-being, you need to start talking about powers of attorney designation, wills, and trusts.

Back to Basics

If we can help you or your clients achieve their estate-planning goals, please give us a call. We do not charge a fee to meet with anyone.

Have You Considered Your Pet(s) in your Estate Planning?

Many people know they need to have “their affairs in order” before they die, and some people actually even get around to putting those affairs in order!

Three Questions to Ask an Elder Law Attorney After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, what are the first steps your family should take?

Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease

Living well with Parkinson’s is possible.