You are in good company! Not to worry though! Most of our clients are older individuals. Some are house bound, while others live in areas not close to our office. We want to make it easier for these clients to get the legal assistance they need.

We offer two different options for our clients:

We use Zoom and Teams to hold meetings online with our clients who are internet-savvy. If the client has never used these apps, we will educate them via phone prior to our meeting. They are much easier to use than you might expect!

We make housecalls! Yes, housecalls are not ancient history here. For our clients who genuinely cannot come to us and who are not capable of a “virtual meeting”, we will come to them. These visits normally require a slight additional fee because of the travel time, but we are happy to schedule a housecall if you need one!

The bottom line is this– there is no reason NOT to get the legal advice you need to protect yourself and your assets. The longer you wait and don’t plan, the more risk you are exposing yourself to. It makes sense to, at the very least, understand what challenges you might face down the road and have a plan in place to deal with them. Call us to set up a virtual meeting or a housecall! Happy to help.

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