Series on Medicaid

The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC has been leading a series of workshop/webinar/zoom presentations on the subject of Medicaid.

The series so far includes 3 sessions:

  • When is the Right Time to Apply for Medicaid?
  • More About the Application Process
  • How to Protect the Family Home from having to be Sold

The audience includes Social Workers, RNs, home healthcare workers and even a couple of state Medicaid employees!

The materials are available to anyone- all they have to do is send us an email mentioning this article and we can email them to you.

The series was made possible by Shawn Barnes, owner of Care Patrol, (205) 482-8759.

Pam Strickland is my co-presenter and her company is MAPS, (205) 728-0965.

If you have a loved one who may need nursing home care, it is never too early to explore your planning options! There are strict rules that must be followed in order to get Medicaid, so knowing those rules can save you thousands of dollars.

Statistics tell us that there is a 50/50 chance that one spouse in a couple will need nursing home care. Those odds are not great, especially if you don’t have an extra $9,000 every month to spend on skilled care. Call us to learn your options!