Author: William G. Nolan

Protect Assets Before Your Dad Goes Into a Nursing Home

What would lead your dad to live in a nursing home? Lots of chronic health conditions can progress to a point where skilled nursing care in a nursing home is essential.

How Much Can Your Mom’s Doctor Tell You?

Have you ever thought about how much your mom’s doctor is allowed to tell you? The HIPAA Privacy Rule protects a patient’s medical and personal health information.

Announcing Our New Company Name

Nolan Elder Law, LLC has changed its name to “The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC”!

Questions You Need to Ask If Your Parents Are Running Out of Money

When money is running out, it’s important to ask your parents these questions. Have this conversation as early as you can, as Medicaid applications take time and can be stressful. 

Why It’s Important to Have a Lawyer Draft Your Mom’s POAs

A power of attorney (POA) is an important legal form that allows someone else to make medical or financial decisions.

Three Things Families May Not Realize About Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. It’s one that often catches families off-guard with just how difficult it can be to ensure quality care for their parents.

Should Your Parents Update Their Wills?

Do your parents have a will? If not, it’s time for them to address it.

What Are the Components in a Comprehensive Care Plan?

Your mom and dad are getting older. They could be the pictures of health, but you still need to talk to them about the importance of having a comprehensive care plan in mind.

What Is the Best Age to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney?

When should your parents seek the advice of an elder law attorney? Should they do it by a certain age? Is it better to wait until they’re diagnosed with a chronic health condition?

The Perils of the 50-year-old Daughter

Many 50-year-old daughters are called upon to become caregivers for their parents.